All WIP listed below are Middle Grade Projects: Horror, Humour, Own Voice       Pitch packages are available on request.
Lying Through Your Teeth
  Soon after her 12th birthday, Deia's joy is short-lived when she discovers that she's a bit long in the tooth. Newbie Vampire? Family Secret? She's got questions. When her parents split up, the questions keep growing.  Just like her fangs. 
The stakes are high & aimed at her vampire heart.
When 12 year-old Winnie has a gargoyle Mom-nap her BFF and traps her in a haunted house, she comes fact to stone-cold face with her nemesis to stop it in its claw-footed tracks.  It's either the gargoyle or her mom.  No competition.
Socks and their owners are disappearing. When Kelsa's brother vanishes, her parents' "It'll all come out in the wash' attitude has 12 year-old Kelsa realizing that she'll have to solve the mystery of LOST SOLES.  
                                            Her brother's soul may depend on it.                                                                                                                                
A boy uses his imagination to answer a grown up call to dinner time. 'Ten Going On Thirty' starring the fantastic Latteral, Sonyda & Paul.  A Stop Motion Pixilation short film highlighting my never-ending love of storytelling and onomatopoeia!                        This film was made using 1200 still photographs and 78 words. 
I hope you have half as much fun watch 'Ten Going On Thirty' as we did making it!
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